How to Unfreeze Your Sump Pump Line

Sump pump lines may sometimes freeze near the exit when the temperatures are extremely cold in the winter. When they freeze, the water cannot be pumped out which can cause flooding and damage. By unfreezing the line yourself, you can save a lot of money and time.

Step 1. First unplug or disconnect power to the sump pump. Ensure the sump pump line is frozen at the exit by sticking a broom handle or stick into the exit until you feel resistance which indicates a blockage.

Step 2. Take the jet sprayer nozzle and screw it onto the hose. Force the 1/2″ PEX pipe onto the end of the jet sprayer nozzle. Use the electrical tape to securely tape the PEX pipe to the jet sprayer nozzle. Connect the garden hose to an outdoor spicket.

Step 3. Place the exit of the PEX pipe into the exit of the sump pump drain line. Turn on the hose. Slowly guide the PEX pipe into the drain line melting the ice as you go. Once all the ice is melted, the water that was held in the line should come rushing out.

Step 4. Turn off the hose. Remove the PEX pipe from the sump pump drain line. Reconnect power to the sump pump and fill the pit with water to ensure it is pumped out properly. Congratulations you have unfrozen your sump pump line for about $20 in materials.

Things You’ll Need:
Garden Hose
Jet Sprayer Nozzle
1/2″ PEX pipe
Electrical Tape

From eHow